Saturday, March 24, 2007

Unencrypted QAM HDHomeRun tuner works with Beyond TV

After many user requests and a long wait, Beyond TV is now working with the HDHomeRun dual QAM tuner. The snapstream blog says this:
"Earlier this evening, we shipped release candidate 1 (RC1) of Beyond TV 4.6.1
over at the SnapStream Beta Program
(if you aren’t a member, just sign-up;
access is immediate).
In addition to a slew of bug fixes, this release
sports a new feature: QAM support with the HDHomeRun"

Setup instructions can be found here

In short, if you have cable tv, you probably get at least the local channels in HD, unencrypted QAM and likely even more HD channels than that if you aren't on Time Warner. No antenna and no cable box required.For more information, the ProjectHTPC blog has a nice summary of what is needed to get unencrypted QAM using the HDHomeRun and BeyondTV.

I'll be posting a full review of the HDHomeRun device here this weekend.