Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Four Promising Video Search Engines Alternatives to YouTube or Google Video Search

I use youtube and google video when I'm searching for on online video clip. I recently ran across three fairly new alternatives to those:

Blinkx is an excellent video search engine. They also recently introduced a new tool for finding full-length TV programs on the Web called blinkx Remote. From their site "available at www.blinkx.com, leverages blinkx’s unique speech to text transcription and indexing technology, to quickly identify full-length TV shows by season and episode. In addition, blinkx Remote corroborates search results with information from trusted online sources, including Wikipedia and IMDB.com, to provide users with the most accurate TV search results available anywhere"

Truveo - recently purchased by AOL and renamed www.searchvideo.com is a similar site. Truveo has indexes audio and video content and catologes it even with little or even no meta data directly associated with that content.

Ulinkx - I noticed this new site in an article on WebTVWire by Chris Tew. It looks like a promising web app also.

CastTV, is a yet-to-be released site I learned about from TechCrunch. CastTV reportedly improves on searches for video compared to other video search engines like Yahoo and Google by diggin up online videos buried behind Flash, Javascript and related plug-in technologies. For example CastTV can find Grey's Anatomy shows that the other search engines can not. I signed up to hopefully get a private beta invite.

It seems like these types of webapps could be usefull to an HPTC plugin. Imagine a simple plugin to BTV or MCE that would use one of these search engines to find shows or videos across the net. I think the media companies are waking up to online video and see the possibilities of distributing directly online. I think HTPC programs that can't get that online content will eventually lose out.