Friday, May 25, 2007

7 Stories I'm Reading

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!

1. HP Invents HDTV 2.0 - A TV with support for place shifting, internet-content streaming using an ethernet or wireless networking solution.

2. Tivo Ruined American Idol - I spoke about it in my post Wednesday , but this story chronicles more unhappy people due to American Idol running almost 7 minutes over it scheduled time which in turn meant most of the DVR/PVR recorders missed the last 7 minutes of the show.

3. The Story of going from a MCE setup to a TiVo Series 3 - It didn't go quite as planned. HatTip to MissingRemote

4. Would You Use PIP? - Chris Lanier, a MCE user says he wouldn't even use PIP if it was a feature (which it isn't). Grant over at Project HTPC says it should be included as a feature. Many people want this feature for BeyondTV and MCE including me. I would certainly use it and it's on my wishlist of features.

7. Google Calendar Mobile - Google Calendar now for your mobile phone