Sunday, July 15, 2007

10 Favorite Blogs in honor of the 10 Year Blogging Birthday

According the the WSJ, Blogging turns 10 yrs old this month (although this is debatable) and one of my favorite blogs Mashable is asking for my 10 most favorite (mostly under the radar) blogs of all time. So here are my 10 Best not-yet famous blogs ever. These don't include the very famous and also excellent ones like Lifehacker,, etc.

  1. Davis Freeberg’s Digital Connection
  2. Zatz Not Funny Digital Media Blog
  3. Missing Remote
  4. Brad Linder's Digital Home
  5. Hack A Day
  6. Digital Inspiration - pretty popular, but I'm including it anyway :)
  7. Digital Media Thoughts
  8. DIY Happy
  9. Dumb Little Man
  10. Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection

That's some of my favorites I could think of today. I know there are many more that I read daily so this was a tough list to do. Want to discover some blogs you might not have run across yet? Check out the Mashable Post:

While you're here, don't forget to take a look around. This Blog started almost a year ago and has been growing and is getting better every day. Thanks!