Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Geek Out your Dog - Gadgets Made Just For Dogs

For the Geek Dog that has everything. We know you have all the latest shiny, new technology. When someone walks into your house they know you have the latest and greatest geek gadgets, but how about your dog? Can they tell how much of a cool geek your dog is? In this article I will take you on my quest for the best dog, tech accessories to geek out your pet.

For starters, you dog will want this w00f! dog shirt embazoned with the rarely heard "1337" version of a dogs bark. As ThinkGeek says, all the tech-savvy dogs are saying it this way these days.

Next I found a red, pulsing led dog leash. This leash will definitely make sure you and your dog stand out in the neighborhood.

Does fido want something a little more understated then the led leash? How about the lighted collar with lighted dog bones flashing around the collar.
How about a Electronic Dog Tag that stores up to 40 lines of stats you can change at any time. You could add the tag "digg this bone", "give me a treat" or "I want an iPhone too".
Another idea is the GPS pet collar so you can locate your dog after he runs the geeksquad guy that tried to come to your house.
Some more LED Lighted Pet Collars, Leashes and Harnesses can be seen in action in this video:

Want to track how much excersize fido is getting? How about the doggie pedometer

Last but certainly not least, your dog is going to want to be cool with all the others in the hood. How about some doggles for when he's riding on the harley or waverunner with you ? The gadgets above are all available to purchase, but I challenge you to make your own techno-dog accessories. Lets see some cool diy dog gadgets that will make your tech friends (er dogs) jealous!