Thursday, August 09, 2007

Phone Hack: Weather On Mobile Phone with Text Message

Want to know the weather forecast while you're on the run, but don't have mobile internet? As long as you have a mobile phone with text messaging, you can get weather forecasts with a simple text message. To get the weather, follow these steps on your mobile phone:

1: Text your zip code or city name to 42278 (4CAST)
2: Your forecast will be delivered to your handset

Alternatively if you would prefer to set up a subscription to the weather forecast for a certain zip code you can also set up a regular subscription. Subscribing gets you a new, local 36-hour forecast daily.

You can sign up at on the internet or you can do the following from your mobile phone:

1: Text "SUB + your 5 digit US zip code" to 42278 (4CAST) ex. "SUB 90210"
2: You'll get a 36-hour forecast daily

All of this is free except for your text messaging fees charged by your mobile carrier. Obviously if you are on a text messaging plan with your mobile carrier, you should be okay.