Sunday, August 05, 2007

Yahoo TV now works with Tivo Series 3

The Yahoo TV Guide site has allowed you to set up recordings on your Tivo Series 2 for a while now, but you couldn't with Series 3 Tivo's. Well now that has changed. They also added a few other features to the site. Features Added according to the Yahoo TV Blog

    • TiVo Series 2 and TiVo Series 3 receivers supported. Yahoo TV previously only
      supported Series 2 TiVo receivers.

    • Manage multiple TiVo devices. Users with multiple TiVo devices can now program all of their TiVos through our service, choosing which TiVo records which shows.

    • Easy to read receiver names. We now display your DVR name, as you’ve set at, as receiver name. So for users with multiple devices, you’ll no longer need to guess which TiVo box you’re recording to with a numeric device name. We now display whatever name you
      associate to your TiVo boxes.

For the record, you can do this with Beyond TV using their webadmin already - matter of fact you can go one step further and watch a streamed show right from your internet browser using Beyond TV without the need of Orb or Slingbox too. For more on that, read this post from several months ago.