Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Track Conversations with Commentful

I was reading a post by Robert Scoble today about how he has been using CoComment to track his comments he posts across the web, but isn't happy with the way it won't always allow his comments to upload to other sites/blogs and instead gives him an error message when CoComment is down. He explains that this is unacceptable, and that

Robert Scoble Says: "Cocomment should NEVER keep a comment from being posted. Even if the service is down. But it does. It’s very frustrating."
I have been using another similar service called Commentful that provides a similar way for you to track your blog, flickr, digg submisions, youtube, myspace comments and pretty much any place on the web you leave a comment this service will work.

Lets say you leave a comment on a certain web site, after you leave your comment, right click and "add to commentful". After this, commentful will track the comments on this page and let you know when there are new comments. You can track comments on a page even when you don't leave your own comment with the same process.
To track comments, you can visit your Watchlist or if you have the Firefox toolbar, you can just click on the commentful icon and it will open up a new tab with all of the pages you are watching. This page will list all of the links with comments you are tracking and show you new comments in bold as well as the number of comments on the page.
If you are using the Firefox Extension, you will see a small "bulb" at the bottom-right of your tool bar. If it's yellow like this one, there are no new comment. If it's green, then there are new comments on one of the sites you are tracking. As mentioned above, you can click on the "bulb" and it will open up a new firefox tab to the watchlist page.
Another nice feature is the ability to subcribe to your watchlist RSS feed which will of course add any new comments to your rss reader.
I've been using this service for several months and it works great. I recommend this to anyone who is an active participant on the web. It ensures you answer any followup questions that might have been made to your comments you left and it gives you a great way to track conversations on the web that are important to you.