Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Contributing to ZatzNotFunny Blog

If you've found BrentEvans Geek Tonic Blog by way of ZatzNotFunny.com welcome!  And if your a subscriber of my GeekTonic Blog here, I recommend you add ZatzNotFunny to your must-read sites.  If your not familiar with the ZatzNotFunny blog read the about page.

I've been a subscriber and reader of Dave Zatz ZatzNotFunny (ZNF) technology blog for quite a while now.  Dave & I have commented back and forth regarding stories on both his blog and mine and recently Dave approached me about contributing to his ZNF site.  Knowing the quality and respect Dave and his ZNF site has around the net, It was an easy decision for me to accept the offer and work with Dave as a contributor at ZNF.  Beginning last week, some of my articles (typically the digital-media-related content)posted here at my Geek Tonic blog will also be syndicated to the ZNF blog.

Zatz Not Funny has a popular following and is read by many of the top blogger's and technology enthusiasts around the net so it opens up my GeekTonic blog to a larger audience and hopefully will help encourage the discussion here (please comment on the posts when appropriate) that I'm striving for as a main goal.  Its a pleasure to be in the company of the excellent blogger's and contributors of ZNF such as Dave Zatz, Mari Silbey and Davis Freeburg.