Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TV News: Two Cancellations- Update on New Shows & Writers Strike

VIVA LAUGHLIN After only two episodes, the new CBS TV Show Viva Laughlin has been canceled.  A CSI rerun will replace it this week and then the Amazing Race will fill that Sunday timeslot beginning November 4th.  The reality show Nashville was also officially canceled (it had been pulled from its timeslot already) as well.

Aaron Barnhart, a columnist for the Kansas City Star says that it is likely that most of the new shows will survive longer than they normally would due to the Oct. 31 deadline for TV writers and TV studios to complete their first new negotiated contract in 22 years.  Obviously if there is no agreement between the writers union and the studios there will be a strike and the TV Networks will need all of the content they can find.

Aaron goes on to give his second impressions of some of the new TV shows and I've now taken a peek at some of the new shows myself as well:

reaper Reaper - He originally picked this one to be the best new show of the season, but calls it "the biggest letdown" after watching episodes two and beyond.  Viewership of this show has been extremely low as well.  I've watched a few of the Reaper episodes and have to agree.  The first one was sort of funny and well done, but it gets old fast.

Chuck - This one about an underachiever who just happens to have embedded in his brain all of the national security secrets isn't great, but its not bad either.  Aaron says this one has improved each week and I have to agree.

Private Practice - I haven't seen this one and didn't watch Grey's Anatomy either, but my wife & daughter say its good and worth watching.  It's getting good ratings and the network has already picked up a second season so its golden.

bionic Bionic Woman - I watched from the sidelines as this show was given bad reviews by  Dave Zatz, Davis Freeburg and a less-than stellar review by Josh Lasser at Blog Critic.  Well this past weekend, I watched the first episode then the second one and well lets just say I've now watched the first four episodes.  I like the show and I think its getting better each episode.  If you gave up on it or never watched it, go grab the first episodes of Bionic Woman at Amazon Unbox or at NBC.com.  Then record the next one this Wednesday.  It has science fiction, a decent storyline, Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck from Battlestar Gallactica) and just enough conflict to make the show interesting each episode - I think you'll like it.  Aaron Barnhart agrees and says this about the show:

"By the third week “Bionic” had debugged itself (and added “Grey’s” exile Isaiah Washington to the cast), and viewers seemed to be in a forgiving mood. It’s still the third highest-rated new series this fall..."

dsm Dirty, Sexy Money - It's really just a high powered soap opera and I don't like soaps.  Still I really like this one if for no other reason than Donald Sutherland is excellent and there is enough funny in the show to make me watch it each week.

Aaron also mentions the following shows which I'm not interested in:

Pushing Daisies - lost 3 Million viewers in one week.  Nuf said.

Kid Nation - my wife is watching this show - I can't really believe it, but it's true.  Aaron admits to liking it too, but I just won't do that to myself....

Women's Murder Club - Not on my radar

Gossip Girl - VERY low viewership, but my teen daughter is watching it when she can squeeze it into her schedule.

Back to You - I tried to like this one as I like Kelsey Grammer.  But I don't and doubt it will make it beyond this season.  It's just okay.

To read Aaron Barnhart's full article CLICK HERE


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