Friday, December 21, 2007

Send a Free Holiday Email Card With Flickr

An Example of a delivr eCard using Flickr

Time has run out if you want to send a Holiday Card this Christmas season via snail mail.  For those of you procrastinators who haven't sent their Holiday cards or just don't like the snail mail route I have the perfect solution.  One of my favorite flickr hacks is a site called Delivr.  Delivr is an excellent example of the many sites that use the Flickr API to extend the use of Flickr.

Here's how it works:
  1. Select a photo to use for your card.  Delivr lets you select from flickr photos using any of these methods:
  • A picture from delivr's most recent displayed list (these are the ones that show up on their home page when you go to delivr
  • Select a category such as place-related, occasions, sports, events, animals or other.  These are based on tags and your results will vary here as it only gives you one photo per sub-category like xmas for instance.
  • Do a search by typing in one or more tags and click on the submit query button.  For instance I searched for Christmas Card and it pulled up 20 different photos of which several would be appropriate for a card.
  • Lastly,  you can select your photo by typing in a username (I used mine of course) and use one of your flickr photos.  In my example below, I used a photo I took of my dog and I just to give it that personal touch.

  1. Click on the photo you want to use in your card with your mouse.
  2. Now type in a short message, your name, your e-mail, the e-mail of the person you're sending the e-card to and select a font.
  1. Click on the Preview button to get a quick preview of how the card will look to your receiver.  From here you can either edit the card to make a change or you can send the e-card.

Me and my dog Skywalker

The end result looks quite nice (hey it ought to especially if you used one of your own photos right!) plus it's free and fast.  Now you can save yourself a stamp and the cost of a card and your card will be more personal to boot.  Happy Holidays!

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