Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shorts - Links and Quick News Items from the Web

Here's a few short news items and links I've run across in the past few days...


Online TV Guides

The useful, ajax-based Online TV Guide Couchville.com was officially taken off line Monday as expected.  The statistics page that shows the most recorded shows (recorded by BeyondTV users) is now located at http://www.snapstream.net/Buzz.aspx.  I covered the Snapstream Buzz site this past October in this post.      via Snapstream Forums


Snapstream had decided the time and money to maintain the site outweighed any ad income or synergies it was bringing to Snapstream's Beyond TV.


Must Watch TV - Jericho Season 2

jericho10I've been touting Jericho as a must-see television show since I watched the first season earlier this year so it better be good.  That being said, I expect it will continue to be an excellent show that I recommend highly.  It premiers tonight (2/12) at 10pm Eastern on CBS.


 DRM Free HD TV from any input on SageTV

Nino Marino posted a guide for HD recording via component input on a Blackmagic Intensity Pro in SageTV.  Nino says:

Of course, now that I've got everything working most of this will be obsolete in two months or so when Hauppauge releases their Component capture card!  But, for those of you who can't wait or have already invested in an Intensity Pro in hopes of getting it working with SageTV.

Read more at the SageTV forums  found via Missing Remote