Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness TV Coverage Online & Broadcast

Wondering where you can catch a particular NCAA Tournament game this month?  The tournament officially starts today (except for the play-in game earlier this week) and there are plenty of options to watch the March Madness Games.


TV NETWORKS (Traditional):

Complete CBS/NCAA Tournament Schedule - Check out the CBS Sports Complete Schedule of the NCAA Tournament including times, locations and teams.

Most of us will be watching on our TV's.  Want to know which games will air in which markets?  Check out the HDSportsGuide's Coverage Maps for the CBS NCAA Tournament Coverage.




CBS Online Broadcast - Watch all the games online at CBS Online.  But you better hurry up and sign up as it's a first come first serve sort of thing. via Mari Silbey at Connectedhome2Go

Sports Illustrated Team Highlights - Watch highlights from the tournament teams at Sports Illustrated’s FilmRoom via Mari's post on ZatzNotFunny


PLACESHIFTING: Or will you like me be Placeshifting (streaming content from home over internet) it from you home setup?

Slingbox (watch their latest commercial with a NCAA BB focus).  Slingbox

Joost - Joost has been testing live TV and hopefully have the kinks worked out now for the tournament.

SageTV Placeshifter - SageTV Placeshifter is my choice since I own SageTV

Orb - For a free option for placeshifting, check out Orb.


Other March Madness

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