Monday, April 28, 2008

CrunchGear Reviews the SageTV HD Extender

Crunchgear has a review of the SageTV HD100 Extender up this week.

  This review was done from the perspective of a person who doesn't already use SageTV as their HTPC software.  I'll agree that SageTV isn't the easiest HTPC program to set up, but the Crunchgear review knocked off marks on the extender by saying

"The problem is that it has to win people away from their current media center software or hope to entice newcomers to adopt SageTV as their media center software of choice."

I would counter that argument by saying anyone who doesn't already own an HTPC program should definitely consider SageTV for their HTPC software - especially if they want a silent but powerful extender that fits in nicely in the entertainment center.  And for those who already own a competing HTPC program the HD Extender is something SageTV has going for it that really can't be equaled even by Vista Media Center in my opinion.

Check out the Crunchgear SageTV HD100 review for their take.


And if you missed it, check out my review of the SageTV HD100 Extender.  I wrote it from the perspective of a long-time HTPC user, but one who had used Beyond TV and Meedio before it as my primary HTPC software.