Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Ongoing Phone Dilemma

PhonesMy dilemma is simple really. I currently own an LG CU500 which is good, has 3g and does the basics very well, but I continue to drool over the Samsung Blackjack my wife owns(not the second version) and even more with the other phones like the iPhone and Blackberry. I've struggled with this decision since October of last year and now have a chance to get a Blackberry Pearl at work, but with the iPhone coming out in 3G in 60 days or so I don't know what to do. Should I: [NOTE: RSS READERS WILL NEED TO CLICK THROUGH TO THE SITE TO SEE THE POLL]

Poll Answers

What do I want in a phone?

  • Quality phone calls and signal - duh.
  • I'll use it for Internet - probably quite a lot which makes me lean towards the iPhone....
  • I'll need to use it for work e-mail & calendar (Microsoft Exchange) (which makes me lean towards blackberry) but also to access my gmail account
  • I'd like for it to take photos for me - doesn't have to be the best quality - just a way to snap a shot when I don't happen to have my camera handy.
  • I'm a little concerned about using the virtual keyboard/numpad of the iPhone. I've had some limited exposure to the iTouch and it's interface is nice, but my fingers tend to hit the wrong buttons more than I would like.
  • The N95 is in last place since it has no keyboard

What do you think I should do? Please vote and put any comments below. Thanks for your input.