Monday, April 07, 2008

Shorts - HTPC News on the Web

Photos of the HD-PVR In Action - Want to see the Hauppauge HD PVR board in action (albeit naked without the case on?)  The Snapstream blog has the scoop - check it out here.  Dave Zatz of ZatzNotFunny already confirmed that SageTV will have support for this device and is now saying that both Snapstream (BTV) and Elgato (EyeTV) could also support the device.  Obviously Snapstream is well on their way to supporting the device given their blog post.  The latest version of GB-PVR already has support for the HD-PVR according to a post in their forums by a forum administrator.

As I mentioned earlier today, you can get your preorder in at the Hauppauge website.hdpvr-1


Microsoft Vista Media Center Going Global? - Chris Lanier speculates (with some very good points) that Microsoft is moving towards VMC support outside of the United States.


Online Spotlight Missing in Action? - MissingRemote has a story on the rarely used Media Center "Online Spotlight" apps.  I've always been envious of the Fox Sports Lounge while I used Beyond TV/Media and SageTV, but haven't really seen many others I was interested in.  Read the story at Missing Remote.


Dish Network HTPC Tuner? - Is DishNetwork readying a tuner for Media Center PCs?  Chris Lanier has the latest.


Slingbox Add-ons - The GizmoLovers Blog has a good write-up on various aftermarket add-ons for your Slingbox.