Tuesday, July 01, 2008

DRM Strikes Media Center Again

Brett Love at TVSquad is reporting that DRM flagging struck Media Center users again – this time on both Vista Media Center and XP MCE.  Those trying to record “The Middleman” on their HTPC’s were unable to record it because it was flagged as do-not-record by the broadcaster.

The message that showed on their TV screens:

“The Middleman” cannot be recorded.  Restrictions set by the broadcaster and/or originator of the content prohibit recording of this program.

This has happened several times before, last week with American Gladiators and several times before as well.  These flags shouldn’t be used by the networks and they shouldn’t be “used” to prevent recordings by Microsoft’s HTPC software so there’s either a bug in the process or someone’s testing out flagged content to use in the future.  Either way, I’m sure its worrisome to those who spent their good money on their HTPC’s only to find out they can’t record what they want.

Read More about the Middleman show flagged as do-not-record at TVSquad