Friday, July 18, 2008

DVB version of HDHomeRun Coming As Soon as September

silicondustSiliconDust, the makers of the HDHomeRun Dual-QAM/OTA HD tuner continues work on their DVB version of their tuner.  Current projections are to have the DVB version of the HDHR ready for mass delivery by September.  Early reports stated that SiliconDust planned to have Microsoft Media Center and MythTV support and other HTPC programs support was still to be determined.

This is especially important to the non-US TV viewers as Europe and many other non-US countries use DVB as their digital television standard.  Included in the SiliconDust tuner will be support for DVB-C (digital cable) and DVB-T (Terrestrial broadcast).  Without a DVB tuner, many in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa cannot tune to the majority of television channels.