Monday, October 20, 2008

Holy! Boxee Releases Hulu Streaming and More

Holy Hulu!  Boxee beats the big-time HTPC software companies to the punch with Hulu, CBS, Comedy Central, and MySpaceTV streaming by integrating those companies streaming players into Boxee.  This alone should give Vista Media Center, SageTV and BeyondTV pause as web-based video/television/move content is becoming more-and-more important to the end user.
The New, alpha version of Boxee includes:
  • Streaming TV shows, movies and clips from Hulu, CBS, Comedy Central and MySpaceTV (we integrated their players into boxee)
  • Major changes to the UI
  • Web interface to adding RSS feeds
  • Improved performance
Current Alpha version Supports Linux, AppleTV and Mac with a Windows version scheduled for sometime this Fall.

If you already have an alpha account you can click here to download the new version.
If you want an alpha invite click here to do so.

The boxee team has put together a new intro video for this latest version:

While I don't agree with their marketing comment that "none are as powerful as boxee", it is obvious these guys mean business and are working very diligently to pack in the features their customers want including Hulu support.  SageTV, Microsoft and Snapstream take notice.

Read more at the Boxee Blog

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