Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SageTV Hints a Next Generation of HD Extender Coming December

Two big news items were mentioned on the SageTV forums this evening:
  1. HD Extenders are expected (they say "hope to have ready") to be available in December.
  2. They are working on a "next generation SageTV set-top" which to me means something somehow different then the current SageTV HD Extender
A representative of SageTV posted the following on the SageTV forums this evening hinting at a "next generation of HD Extender"
"We're sorry we've sold out of our current SageTV HD Extender. We really appreciate the great support we've had for the SageTV HD Extender and are working on a next generation SageTV set-top we hope to have ready for sale in December. Please stay tuned for more news about it.


The SageTV Team"
 Since August 2008 the very popular SageTV HD Extenders have been out of stock and there has been a constant rumbling from SageTV users wanting to purchase one.  This is definitely welcome news to the SageTV and HTPC community.  I'll report more as soon as there is new information available to share.

photo of SageTV HD100 Extender

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