Monday, January 12, 2009

Divx 7 Arrives with H.264 MKV and AAC


With all of the CES news last week, some Media Electronics News was overshadowed a bit including the fact that Divx released version 7 of its popular video/audio compression software.

Divx 7 introduces support for full HD H.264 videos.  Divx7 comes in two forms, the freeware edition with video playback support and a $19.99 version providing additional creation and conversion tools for DivX videos.  The software also includes the DivX H.264 decoder filter and the DivX MKV Demux filter (both DirecShow filters that extend playback support for MKV files.)  MKV is quickly growing in popularity for HD downloads as an open standard format that allows an unlimited number of video, audio, picture and/or subtitle tracks inside one single file.  Another new feature is the integration of AAC audio (digital audio format with multichannel audio support).

Also of note for Media Gadget Fans: DivX also also announced the launch of the Divx Plus Certification program enabling the implementation of Divx technology on game consoles, televisions, mobile devices, and more.  I noticed that Windows 7 is set to have Divx built into it natively.


 Download DivX 7 here with a 15-day trial to sample all the encoding goodies as well.


via DivX & PR Newswire