Tuesday, January 13, 2009

GBPVR 1.3.11 Update

Last time GeekTonic checked in with GBPVR it had just released a major new release with 1.3.7 that included a new User Interface and skin among other nice features.  Now in January 2009, GBPVR has updated to 1.3.11.  Most of the updates between 1.3.7 and 1.3.11 are bug fixes and tweaks, but definitely important updates if you’re a GBPVR user.
GBPVR is a popular open source Home Theater PC (HTPC) software that includes TV/PVR, Movies, Music and other media features

Changelog includes:
  • fixed a couple of problem with multi-record (recordings that could continue recording after they were supposed to stop, and recordings that could try to record on the wrong frequency when there was a back-to-back recording with only a padding overlap)
  • fixed a problem with .ts playback on files over 4GB
  • fixed a problem that could cause slow half speed audio
  • added logic to only try multi-record when no encrypted channels were being recorded with the device
  • fixed a problem with metadata or cover art not updating in some situations
  • fixed a bug where multiple video/music library directories are defined, and folder.jpg wouldnt be shown in icon view for the top level
  • MENU_EJECT_CD key working again
  • added popup to warn if no dvd was in the drive
  • updated EWA build. Thanks UJB. (see http://forums.gbpvr.com/showthread.p...996#post317996)
  • added new events to let plugins know when startup is complete, and when the app is about to shutdown. This is useful for plugins that own external limited resourses, like LCD displays etc
  • fixed problem where .ts file duration reported during playback would vary widely until a good average bitrate could be determined (timeline OSD jumping all over the place until a good way into the file)
  • improved .ts playback compatibility with certain audio decoder (MPA, ffdshow etc).
  • updated the 'check for renamed recordings' to handle .ts files
  • failed recordings are now listed in the 'whats new' section of the Recordings screen. Previously they were only listed in the 'ready' section.
  • fixed a PsiParser bug that could cause occasional crashes
  • fixed a bug with DVB EPG parsing which could access violation crashes.
  • extended the current selection remembering to work with the top level selection when multiple video/music/photo directories have been specified.
  • no longer showing the tray icon options to restart the recording service on Vista machines, since permissions wouldnt allow it anyway
  • tray icon tuner status popup now compatible with Windows desktops using large fonts
  • should no longer need the various "BDASubmitTuningRequestTwicexxxx" config.xml settings set to true.
  • if you delete the last recording in a group in the recording ready screen, it now returns to the group list, with previous item selected (instead of returning to top of list)
  • fixed a problem that could cause some channels to not be found during a channel scan
  • fixed a jitter problem that could occur in the last build on the MVP and PCH.
  • added a few minor tweaks to slick skin to avoid some text clipping, and to make text more readable
Check out the latest GBPVR 1.3.11 update at the GBPVR forums