Monday, January 19, 2009

SageTV Beta 6.5.7 Released

SageTV is inching closer to releasing 6.5 out of beta.  6.5.7 was released Friday to add in a few bug fixes, the most significant being reverting to the 6.4 version of the demux to resolve some stability issues.

Highlights from the 6.5.7 release:

  • Convert BBC HD ac3 aduio into a private stream id (0xbd) tagged PES stream.
  • Added 'ffdshow Audio Decoder' to list of filters to detect in Windows
  • Regressed the MpegDeMux to the one used in V6.4.8 in Windows
  • Fix: Technotrend CAM/CI support code broken in Windows
  • Added ability to convert Control-Clicks to right mouse button clicks on Mac OS X
  • Sort the list of remotes for an IR plugin on Linux
  • Fixed bug where upload bandwidths in the megabit range could cause placeshifter transcoding to not be used on video playback (but the first time would work OK)
  • Updated support for paged Google Video searches.


For the complete changelog and beta download head over to the SageTV forums