Sunday, March 22, 2009

NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen TV Schedule

If you're a basketball fan, you've probably been watching the NCAA tournament this year in all of its HD glory.  If so, here's the game times for the next round (sweet sixteen) of the tournament for Thursday and Friday this week:

All Times Eastern

Thursday March 26, 2009

West Bracket - U of Phoenix Stadium - Glendale, AZ

  • 5 Purdue versus 1 Connecticut 7:07 PM
  • 3 Missouri versus  (2) Memphis 9:37 PM

East Bracket - Boston Garden - Boston, MA

  • 4 Xavier versus 1 Pittsburgh 7:27 PM
  • 3 Villanova versus  2 Duke 9:57 PM

Friday March 27, 2008

Midwest - Lucas Oil Stadium - Indianapolis, IN

  • 12 Arizona versus 1 Louisville 7:07 PM
  • 3 Kansas versus 2 Michigan State 9:37 PM

South - FedExForum - Memphis, TN

  • 3 Syracuse versus  2 Oklahoma 7:27 PM
  • 4 Gonzaga versus 1 North Carolina 9:57 PM


So at my house we'll be watching the Missouri Game on Thursday and the Kansas and Oklahoma Game on Friday with an eye on all of the games of course.  I'm hoping against all odds that we'll see three of the four teams that make it to the final four come from the Big 12.  My odds of that happening are fairly slim, but its definitely something to hope for.  All of the games will be aired on CBSHD and CBS depending on your regional market.


The next round (Elite Eight) comes around on Saturday and Sunday.  If I'm not heartbroken (in sports fan terms) for any reason by then I'll publish the game times for those rounds on Friday. 

By the way, if you're a sports fan and care about your sports in HD, be sure and check out the excellent "Living High Def" site by Phil Lozen.  He covers all things Microsoft Media Center and does a regular HD Sports Roundup post talking about all of the sporting events coming up in the next few days.