Friday, April 03, 2009

iPhone Garage Door Opener

Ever wonder what a "weekend project" means to a guy that runs a successful DVR/media search software company? 

 X10 Commander

Rakesh Agrawal of Snapstream Media, Inc. wanted a special sort of garage door opener - something that he had with him all of the time.  So what better than the iPhone that he takes with him everwhere right?  Yep Rakesh used the X10 Commander app, his WiFi home network, a windows XP computer and an RF to X10 interface device to turn his iPhone into a cool little iPhone Door Opener.

Garage Door

                    (both photos are from Rakesh's blog)


I'm pretty happy with my basic iPhone apps, but I have to admit - this is pretty cool.


Check out how he did it and how it works on Rakesh's blog.