Monday, April 27, 2009 Reviews SageTV HD Theater - And Likes It

SageTV Hd Theater

SageTV doesn't get a lot of press in the more mainstream tech sites so when one of them reviews one of their products its something to note.  When they mostly understand it and even like it stands out as something to mention.

This review of the HD Theater was done mostly from the media player perspective - not as a HTPC extender although they did mention both purposes.  They knock it for no integrated Wi-Fi (a valid con if you're using it as a media player), the overly active flashing indicator lights (this annoyed me too) and the remote control.  But other then that they liked it quite a bit as you can tell by the title

"Little Black Box Streams HD Content Like a Flash Flood"

They gave it an 8 out of 10 which isn't too bad considering.  I've really come to the realization that the true beauty of the SageTV HD Theater (HD200) is it's crazy-easy use as an HTPC extender.  I now own three of them and have relegated my HTPC Client PC to an extra bedroom.  Why?  Lower total cost, easy setup, easy maintenance, silent, small and it just works.

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