Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting The Lost Symbol on Kindle – Instantly and Cheaper

The Lost Symbol on the Kindle

Since I first wrote the GeekTonic review of the Amazon Kindle 2, my wife has commandeered that Kindle and hasn’t let it out of her sight since.  I’ve been warning her for weeks now that I would be “borrowing” that Kindle back this week while I was on a business trip.  Why?  Because I wanted to have Dan Brown's latest novel, “The Lost Symbol” as soon as it was available.  It certainly didn’t hurt my case that the Kindle Version of “the Lost Symbol” is running at least half of the price you can buy it in a traditional book store.

So this book has provided me a glimpse of a few things that makes the Kindle experience special:

Instant Gratification – Available At Release Date (and Time):

“The Lost Symbol” was available in bookstores on September 15th – some stores even had it available after midnight for the really anxious readers.  Kindle owners like me could simple pre-order it on the Amazon store, and it automagically arrives on my Kindle early that morning – approximately 12:30 Pacific Time.  Unlike some Harry Potter fans, I’m not usually ready to read a book the minute it becomes available.  But this book is an exception – and since I’m in DC where the story centers, I felt it was especially appropriate to begin now.

Pricing – Cheaper than Bookstores

The book sells for around $16.17 after discounts, but on the Kindle it was $9.99 as are most new releases.

Weighs Less for Travel

I normally travel with a book as travel provides one of the few times when I find time to read a novel.  And the Kindle 2 is light and compact for travel.  It’s the perfect form factor for me.

Here’s what “The Lost Symbol” looks like on the first “page” of the Kindle:

The Lost Symbol Kindle Version


I’ll admit there are many disadvantages of the Kindle.  The Kindle itself won’t be saving most people money.  And you have to turn it off on flights during takeoff and landing (stupid airline rules).  But I really like the concept of e-books and this week my my wife’s Kindle found it’s way into my hands gave me a glimpse of why I like it so much.  It appears that the Kindle version of the Dan Brown book has been selling quite well on Amazon likely for those same reasons I found it appealing.

I’ll be trying out some of the new versions of the Kindle and maybe even something like the Plastic Logic or even the Asus dual screen reader.  They will get better and cheaper – it’s only a matter of time.