Monday, September 28, 2009

SageTV PlayOn Add-on Brings Hulu Netflix Amazon VOD and other Online Video

Last week I told you about a 3rd pary add-on being developed for SageTV that would give SageTV users easy access to Hulu and other online video content from their HTPC.  Last night, that application was released and is available for download.

What is SageTV PlayOn Online Video?

This new add-on called “PlayOn in Online Services” uses well-known PlayOn to automatically deliver online video content to all of your SageTV devices including PCs and extenders.  Online video content includes Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, CBS, ESPN and CNN.  SageTV users already have access to all of the popular video and audio podcasts as well as YouTube and Google Video via the Online Video menu of SageTV.  This plugin adds all of the PlayOn content to that menu so that control and navigation work exactly the same as with all video playback in SageTV.

What are the Requirements?

  • SageTV
  • Latest version of Default STV User Interface (2009091601)
  • Latest version of PlayOn installed and running (Version 2.59.3555 9/24/09) – You can get a free 14-day trial and $10 off of PlayOn through 9/30
  • OPTIONAL: Netflix Account for Netflix "Watch It Now"
  • OPTIONAL: Amazon VOD account

    Using SageTV PlayOn Online Video

    I’ve been using a test version of this add-on over the weekend and it’s working great.  This release version is fairly easy to install and it works with the custom SageMC user interface as well.  One of the great things about this add-on is that it works on extenders (HD200 AND HD100!) perfectly as well.  The default install organizes the various online video content into different categories – here’s a screenshot of some of those:


    Main Menu

    This is the lower part of the Online Services Main Menu.  Most of these are from the new PlayOn add-on with Hulu, Amazon, the Networks etc.

    SageTV Online Video Main


    Netflix Instant Queue

    SageTV users that have a Netflix subscription now have access to their Netflix Online Video Queue from any SageTV powered TV in the home.  No need for Roku or a Blu-Ray player that has the online video stuff tied into the device.


    TV Network Video Content

    You’ll find content from the major U.S. TV networks such as NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, USA, Comedy Central, CNN and ESPN all accessible from SageTV


    Movies from Hulu & Netflix

    Movies from Hulu and Netflix are accessible from SageTV now

    SageTV Hulu Netflix Movies


    The Hulu main menu is organized with most popular, recently added, etc but also listed is your Hulu User Queue.

    SageTV Hulu 3

    Controls: Fast Forward, Pause, Rewind

    User Controls are the same with the online video content as they are with all of SageTV.  Fast Forward doesn’t work great unless you’ve paused for a while to let the buffer get a bit ahead, but rewind, pause, stop and play all work as expected.

    SageTV Hulu 2SageTV Hulu


    Obviously the content from Hulu, Netflix and the others isn’t Blu-Ray or even DVD quality.  But many will find this addition a great one for some content when you miss a recording or can’t access something any other way – a great fallback if you forgot to record a show.  And for some, this will make a great way to get free (or at least less expensive) content to their TV.  The best part for SageTV users is it’s all accessible from one interface all integrated into their SageTV working on all devices including extenders.  Simply a great add-on for the HTPC.

    Read more and get the Download from the SageTV Forums