Saturday, December 05, 2009

WDTV Live Media Player Firmware Bricks the Players

If you own one of those Western Digital WD TV Live Media Players, read this:  Do NOT do a firmware update to 1.01.12.  It apparently is causing the units to brick and as of tonight there isn’t a fix.  Western Digital is telling those who have experienced this to RMA their box!  Here’s the official notice from Western Digital via their blog:

“A small percentage of our users are experiencing a problem with WD TV Live Player when they update to the newest firmware release (version 1.01.12). We’re investigating the issue and until we identify the root cause, we’ve removed these updates.
If you’ve successfully updated to version 1.01.12 there’s nothing further you need to do. If you are experiencing any problems with your WD TV Live player, contact our customer service.

As soon as we learn more we’ll post the information here. Should you find any other issues that you feel have not been addressed with this update feel free to leave a comment or tweet us @WDTVLive. Thanks for all your input and know it is always helpful to hear from our users!”

WD says “a small percentage of our users”, but it seems like a pretty large group according to these forum posts.  Regardless, WD has pulled the firmware for the moment and I’d be very careful of any updates until they give the all-clear.

Lots of anger and upset folks at the Western Digital Forums Here

via WDTVLive Blog & Engadget