Sunday, January 31, 2010

TV Premieres, Finales & Specials This Week 01/31/2010

February is here and the new month brings us the final season of Lost – the one show we can count on to keep us scratching our head wondering what’s going on all the while we watch week after week.  There’s a few other new premiers and returning shows this week as well so read on.

Don’t miss the Ultimate Guide to the 2010 Winter TV Season Premieres with free downloads by premiere date & by show name!  I’ve updated this guide with some additions and network changes.


If you’re a fan of Lost or even a friend or family member of a Lost addict, you might enjoy the parody above by the FineBrothers.  Thanks to TVSquad for pointing it out!

Sunday, January 31

The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards (8pm on CBS – Available in HD) – Music awards show with Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce and other musical acts performing

Camp Woodward (8pm on FuelTV) – Season 3 premiere

The Cleveland Show (8:30pm on Fox– Available in HD) – Season 1 returns.

Family Guy (9pm on Fox – Available in HD) – Season 8 returns

American Dad (9:30pm on Fox ) – Season 5 returns


Monday, February 1

Kell on Earth (10pm on Bravo) – This new show follows NYC PR queen Kelley Cutrone and team as they work to build hype and buzz for the fashion industry clients that hire them.

The Secret Diary of a Call Girl (10pm on Showtime) Season 3 premiere

Blood, Sweat & T-Shirts (10pm on Planet – Available in HD) – New realityTV show

Worst Cooks in America (10pm on Food) – Season 1 finale


Tuesday, February 2

Lost (9pm on ABC – Available in HD) – After a review of the past seasons of Lost 9pm brings us a 2-hour premiere of the sixth, and final season of Lost

Kitchen Impossible (9pm on DIY) – Season 3 of the “how to make "fill in the blank” for your kitchen show.  Not food – but kitchen design.

Psychic Kids (9pm on A&E) – Season 2 finale

Austin Stevens Adventures (10pm on HDNet) – a new series on HDNet


Wednesday, February 3

The Woman Who Stops Traffic (8pm on Planet Green) – A new series

American Greed (9pm on CNBC) – Season 4 premiere

Launch My Line (9pm on Bravo) – Season 1 finale

Living With Ed (9pm on Planet Green) – Season 3 finale

Steven Seagal Lawman (10pm on A&E) – Season 1 finale

Shear Genius (11pm on Bravo) – Season 3 premiere

Thursday, February 4

Important Things With Demetri Martin (10pm on Comedy) – Season 2 premiere

The Sarah Silverman Program (10:30pm on Comedy) – Season 3 premiere

Friday, February 5

Smallville: Absolute Justice (8pm on CW – Available in HD) – a 2 hour Smallville movie

Saturday, February 6

Down Home with the Neelys (11am on Food) – Season 7 premiere

Frontline: Digital Nation (9pm on PBS – Available in HD) – A newsmagazine special about us – the folks who are “addicted” and very-connected to the digital realm.


So if you didn’t care for the Lost parody above, check out this one from last year.  A cross between Star Trek and Lost.  So true it’s funny…


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