Wednesday, February 03, 2010

SageTV – True HTPC Support on Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server is a great product that provides users a simple way to centralize all of their files and provide easier ways to back up and restore that data when needed.  But one of the things it would be perfect for is something Microsoft hasn’t offered to MediaCenter users.  Thankfully SageTV has had WHS support for quite a while now and provides a solid, robust solution for serving your media to the TVs in your home via WHS.

Jason Smith is a new blogger on the Home Server Show and has a great writeup on “SageTV on the Windows Home Server”

If you’re a Windows Home Server user, a SageTV user or even a Windows MediaCenter user this is a must read.  Jason is mostly complementary to SageTV, but he’s very fair as this quote from the article proves:

“Obviously SageTV isn’t all sunshine and roses with puppy dogs smiling at happy babies. There are a few issues with Sage that would need to be considered."

I loved that quote.  Be sure and stop over at the HomeServerShow and check out the full article