Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Beautiful Future for SageTV User Interface

When you compare the feature-set of popular multi-OS HTPC software, SageTV to the competition it’s pretty difficult to argue against it on features alone as they have about as much functionality and flexibility of any HTPC solution available today.  But you’ll often hear complaints about the old or underwhelming user interface on SageTV.  We’re beginning to hear and see some information about one of a few new UI projects in the works for SageTV and today the “Project Ortus” team began showing off some of what’s to come for SageTV users.

Project Ortus is a SageTV add-on led by a team of 3rd party developers making a new user-interface add-on for SageTV that includes a brand-new UI.  They are still working on this behind the scenes in an alpha testing phase, but are welcoming curious folks to check out a few screen-shots of their work:

Main Menu

Ortus Main Menu Movies 2


Movies Menu

Ortus Main Menu Movies

TV Series Menu

Ortus Main Menu TV Series

TV Guide: What’s On at a Glance

Ortus Main Menu TV Guide


As you can see, this new add-on will be offering a very, nice, new look for SageTV.  The public beta is slated to begin in approximately four months (timing could change) from now. 

More Options to Come

Keep in mind, this is only one of a few different projects like this going on for SageTV – and the company SageTV is also working on their own new UI for the next version of SageTV – SageTV 7 as mentioned here at GeekTonic this January.  And even beyond these options, there will continue to be different “skins” to further customize the look of your HTPC setup to your hearts desire.


via SageTV forums