Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My New Favorite Podcast – HTPCentric


Over the past several years I’ve subscribed to and listened to many different media + gadget focused podcasts – I’ve even been a guest of a few of them.  But these past six months have stretched my time so thin that I’ve really not listened to more than a few hours of podcasts during that entire time.  That’s about to change though as I took the opportunity of eight-and-a-half hours of driving to listen to a new podcast by the guys at Digital Media Zone called HTPCentric.

You may remember HTPCentric from a while back.  I was a guest on the final episode of that version where we did a MS MediaCenter vs SageTV rundown.  This new re-creation of HTPCentric shares the same name, but really re-focuses on the topic of HTPC’s in general. 

Yes, there’s definitely more attention spent on Microsoft Media Center and on SageTV, but the key here is it’s not necessarily software-specific. 

The co-hosts are Adam Thursby who uses Microsoft Media Center and Jere Jones who uses SageTV.  The plan is to have a monthly podcast with a couple of guests on who all run through a set of topics that will interest anyone who uses HTPCs regardless of their favorite HTPC software. 

If you’re a typical HTPC enthusiast, you’re always interested in what the other “side” is doing and this is the perfect place to find out and be in the know."

I’ve just finished the first two episodes and in my book this is a must-subscribe podcast for anyone interested in HTPCs.  I’m already learning a lot from listening to these.  Do yourself a favor and listen in to these first two and I’m betting you’ll be hooked like I am.

A great start by Adam & Jere!

Find out more on the podcast and for subscription information at TheDigitalMediaZone