Friday, March 13, 2009

SageTV vs Windows Media Center Showdown Podcast


I had the pleasure of participating in a a fun Home Theater PC (HTCP) roundtable podcast that pitted SageTV against Windows Media Center.  I joined the regulars on the HTPCentric Podcast, Tim Campbell and Adam Thursby along with Josh Shenkle and Josh Pollard.  We hashed out the pros and cons of both SageTV and Windows Media Center talking over cost, ease of use, third party applications and more.

If you're a HTPC enthusiast or just trying to decide between the two I think you'll find the podcast a must listen.  There's no way we could really cover all of the many great things (and the pet peeves) about both of these HTPC programs in just an hour, but I think we gave it a good start.

Listen to the promo here


HTPCentric Website The Podcast is Published and ready for you to listen.

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Thanks to Adam and Tim for having me on the show and for Josh Pollard and Josh for joining us for a great HTPC Talk.