Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Plex HTPC Software for Macs Shares Sneak Peek

As I was working on my SageTV 7 post, Dave at ZatzNotFunny! picked up the latest on the next version of Plex:

“The Mac OS X port (er, fork?) of the XBMC project continues to push forward. Like a Boxee, Plex turns our Macs into media centers — designed to be controlled via a 10′ interface. However, as the team’s sneak peek of recent alpha builds (video above) indicates, there are times when it’s more practical to manage our content libraries at the computer… rather than from the couch. With that in mind as we drive towards v1.0, Media Manager functionality has been removed from the primary, remote-controlled Plex UI and is accessed as a separate app, best worked by mouse. Additionally, Plex looks to embrace the whole home concept and pretty seamlessly links up to additional Plex Mac installs.”

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