Monday, July 19, 2010

Apple Movie Trailers Plugin for SageTV – OrtusTrailers

One of my favorite SageTV plugins this year has been the Movie Trailers plugin.  In the very near future SageTV users will have another Movie Trailers plugin – this one is a bit different though as it’s focused on the latest theatrical trailers instead of finding trailers of shows in your TV Guide or movie collection.


Ortus trailers allows you to download, store and watch the latest theatrical trailers from Apple Trailers (more trailers sources are planned for the future) from your SageTV system.


  • User defined refresh time
  • Queue multiple downloads
  • Multiple view styles (pc only)
  • User defined buffering options
  • Enable/Disable various screen items
  • Keep Max trailers / auto delete oldest
  • Keeps track of orphaned trailers/artwork
  • User defined download resolutions (if available)
    1. 1080p
    2. 720p
    3. 480p
    4. Standard Definition
  • User defined time for Auto downloading of newest trailers (not in beta version)
  • Auto download of all trailer info including poster's during startup for quicker access


  • SageTV beta version 7.0.12 or greater
  • Internet Connection

Here is a short demo video of the plugin I put together to give you the feel for the way it works and how great it looks:


The name, Ortus comes from the team that created this plugin.  This is actually a tiny part of the larger SageTv project they are working on to add functionality and beauty to the SageTV UI – much more on that to be discussed here at GeekTonic very soon.


Here’s a few additional screenshots for your viewing pleasure:


Ortus Trailers 2Ortus Trailers 1

The plugin isn’t available yet, but should be available in the SageTV plugin manager in the next day or so.  In the meantime you can read more about it at the OrtusTrailers wiki page and this SageTV Forum thread.