Monday, May 31, 2010

SageTV 7 Plugin Spotlight – Movie Trailers

One of my favorite features of SageTV 7 is the new Plugin Manager.  The plugin manager makes installing, configuring and even uninstalling plugins much easier.  And one of my favorites so far is the Movie Trailers Plugin.

The SageTV 7 Movie Trailers plugins is a pretty simple idea, but adds a lot of convenience to the HTPC user.  Once you’ve installed Movie Trailers you can access movie trailers from the TV Program Guide for any movie and from the Videos sections of SageTV.  If you’re browsing upcoming shows on your TV guide and come across a movie you think you might be interested in, but just aren’t sure check out the Movie Trailer.

And if you’re going through a long list of movies on your HTPC, checking out the movie trailer is the perfect way to figure out what that movie really is about before watching it – at least as long as the trailer isn’t misleading that is...

This plugin is simple and very functional.  Check out this quick, 2-minute demo video I created to demonstrate the Movie Trailer Plugin:

Read more about the plugin at the SageTV Forums.  This plugin was created by koelec & mkanet.

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