Thursday, July 01, 2010

Kindle DX Graphite Version – Improved Display

Amazon just announced a refresh of it’s Kindle DX, the larger eBook reader in their eReader lineup.

Kindle DX Graphite

The pricing is the same as it’s last Kindle DX at $379 (less than the original DX price of $489 of course) and the form factor is pretty much the same eReader.  Matter of fact it’s very close in specs from what I can tell with a few differences:

  • 50% better contrast screen according to Amazon although the resolution (1200x824 @150ppi, 16-level gray scale) is exactly the same.  The improvement is the new 10:1 contrast ratio
  • Device color is now Graphite (read gray/black) instead of white

That’s the only difference as far as I can tell from the specs that Amazon has on their site.  It includes free 3G for life and of course is actually readable in the sunlight unlike LCD screens (yes I’m talking to you iPad.)  You can preorder now although shipping won’t begin until July 7th.

I still favor the Kindle 6” for reading books.  And I like my iPad for reading everything although I’ll be the first to admit the Kindle is a superior book reading machine.

Look this device over closely – I expect it to give us a clue or two about the next flagship (6”) Kindle we’ll see.  If nothing else I expect the next Kindle to have the same color and improved contrast.

Head over to Amazon for the complete details