Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall TV Season – Any TV Series Worth Checking Out?

So now that the Fall TV Season is well underway I thought I’d check in with the real experts of TV – the readers of GeekTonic.

What new & returning shows are you watching?  Are there any gems among the new shows this season?

I’d give you my picks based on watching these new shows but I’ve been so busy I haven’t watched anything beyond some clips.  I recorded the following new shows this week:

  • The Event  I had planned to record this series and wait to see how it goes this season.  I don’t want to get screwed by the TV Network if they decide to cancel, but ’m very tempted to just go ahead and watch it from the good things I’ve heard
  • Lone Star – I really liked the clips I saw of this one, but the rumblings I’m hearing from people who watched the entire first episode were very mixed.
  • Hawaii Five-0 – I chose to not record this one but everyone who watched the premiere loved it.
  • Detroit 1-8-8 – Another one I chose not to record.  It sounds like those that watched it like it.  A grittier Law & Order type of show I think.

I did watch the Chuck premiere and loved it.  A great start to the new season – unfortunately it lost audience while Dancing with the Stars picked up audience.

There’s more new shows to come and I’ll run through all of them Sunday morning here on GeekTonic.  Let us know what you watched and your opinions of shows to check out or throw out.