Friday, September 24, 2010

SageTV Beta 7.0.17 Update – Final Version 3 Weeks Away

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Now that the new extenders are in the hands of many happy SageTV users, SageTV today offers up another beta version – 7.0.17.  This is the first of the release-candidate betas which means we’re getting close to a final, non-beta version of SageTV 7.  The SageTV team is estimating that we are about 3 weeks away from a final SageTV 7 release.

New Features in 7.0.17

  • Default language selection for audio tracks and subtitles
  • UserRecord API for plugin developers to allow generic data storage in the SageTV Database

Those will likely be the last new features of this version before release.  Of course the next version of SageTV 7.1 can’t be too awful far away so don’t worry if you have a favorite feature from your wishlist that hasn’t made it out yet.

Other notable changes in this update include:

  • Added Detailed Setup -> Video/Audio -> HD Audio Output option for Windows systems. The option controls whether to output DolbyTrueHD or DTS-HD/MA streams when present (enabled) or to output AC3 or DTS streams (disabled/default).
  • Fixed format detection issues with MPEG-2Video R5000 recordings and some HDPVR recordings when watching live TV.
  • Added potential fix for a bug where SageTV crashes when starting a new recording after resuming from standby. (we can't reproduce this, so we can't verify the fix)
  • Added support for WVC1 decoders
  • Added support for LPCM audio in the stream demux
  • Added once-per-day check for new installer & firmware version upgrades after jumping to the Main Menu. If an upgrade is available, a System Message is generated.

If you’re participating in the SageTV Beta, head over to the SageTV Forums for more information and the downloads.

There have also been quite a few beta firmware updates for the new SageTV HD300 and SageTV HD200 so be sure and update your firmware.