Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Story of the GeekTonic iPad

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.  Five months ago I decided to purchase an Apple iPad.  My aim at the time was to do a little GeekTonic review of the iPad with a focus on it’s capabilities as an eReader and Media Player.

GeekTonic's Apple iPad

I went to the trouble of purchasing my Apple iPad from Best Buy which allowed for a return within 14 days with no restocking fee.  Well even with such good intentions I ran into a few problems:

  • I became busy – really busy those next couple of weeks.  And didn’t find the time to write up that iPad review.  Not even time for a quick look or anything.  Never mind the fact everyone was likely sick of iPad articles due to the all-to-frequent Apple Gazing we see on the internet.
  • I lost the dang receipt.  Yes, even though MrsGeekTonic probably still doesn’t believe this part of the story I really did intend to return that iMirror device.  I liked it some, but it wasn’t a must-have for me.  Unfortunately for my pocketbook the receipt was nowhere to be found and I haven’t found that thing even now.

So what’s a absent minded geek to do?  I did what any right-minded geek would have – I started using the iPad.  At first it was to try out some of those iPad-specific apps that used that extra screen real estate.  But after a while I found myself checking my RSS Feeds each night and morning using the iPad.  I then began using it to watch a little Netflix streaming. 

After a while I realized I used this iPad a great deal – way more than I ever intended. 

Today I’m not going to get into why this happened.  And I’m not going to say the Apple iPad is the greatest device you could get.  But I am going to explain what I like and dislike about it over the next few months.  And I’ll show you the apps and uses I think you would like about the iPad.  Other tablets will be here soon – likely with Android inside.  But for now I plan to share my iPad experiences just a little along with the HTPC and other media gadget stuff I enjoy. 

To be continued - Stay tuned.