Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall 2010 TV Season by Day Schedule

Some of the new premieres have already arrived, but most of the Big U.S. TV Network premieres are just a week away.  So I’m offering up one more tool to help you decide what shows you’ll be watching and/or recording.  This one focuses on the more common networks with a snapshot of shows airing each day of the week.

The shows I’ll be recording are highlighted in blue.  The new shows I’ll be recording on Monday are Lone Star, The Event and Mike & Molly.  Those first two I’ll be recording and watching later and the “Mike & Molly” is a comedy MrsGeekTonic thought was funny from the season premiere clips we saw.

Note: You can download a copy of this by-day Fall 2010 TV Schedule by clicking here

Monday Fall 2010 TV

Tuesday has a couple of new ones on Fox, but nothing new that I’m interested in.

Tuesday Fall 2010 TV

Wednesday brings Survivor and Modern Family which I’ll be watching and I’m recording Terriers as the first episodes were pretty good.

Wednesday Fall 2010 TV

Thursday is Fringe day for me.  Lots of shows on this day as always, but I”m not sold on My Generation or Outsourced.  Blank my Dad Says looks bad – really bad.

Thursday Fall 2010 TV 

Friday has Good Guys, Blue Bloods and Outlaw all of which are new.  Outlaw doesn’t look very good.  Blue Bloods actually looks worth checking out.

Fri/Saturday Fall 2010 TV

Sunday has many popular shows as always.  If you have HBO check out Boardwalk Empire – it looks very good.

Sunday Fall 2010 TV

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What shows are you looking forward to?