Thursday, January 20, 2011

Frame an iPad with Vidabox iPad Mount

The iPad makes the ideal touch-screen interface for a high-end custom home theater room, home automation setup or home security system.  For many of these applications there needs to be a touch-screen mounted to the wall so it fits in with the room aesthetically with a good way to power the device.  Vidabox, LLC, a well-known media server and integrated control systems company offers an elegant solution for this need with their new VidaBox iPad mount & iPower charging station.

Vidabox iPad Mount 4

I have the florentine silver iPad Mounting Frame from Vidabox in my home to check it out.  This wall mount is made from excellent quality materials that will look stunning in your high-tech home.  It allows you to semi-permanently mount your iPad onto a wall and transform your iPad into a seamless home automation touch-screen. 

Installation is very easy.  The frame is delivered assembled.  You detach the top of the frame by unscrewing the two hinges.  Slide the iPad into the frame and then connect the iPad cable through the rear cutout of the frame.  Ideally you’ll likely want the iPower add-on available separately from Vidabox.


Vidabox iPad Mount 1

So then you take the iPower which allows you to charge up to four iPad’s over CAT5.  Definitely a must if this is a professional, high-end installation.

Vidabox iPad Mount 2

Make no mistake, these iPad Mounting Frames and iPower devices are meant for the high-end installation and custom integrators.  The average HTPC enthusiast won’t be able to drop enough cash to mount their iPad (or multiple iPads) to a wall in their home.  But there is definitely a market for such a device as touch-screen continues to make a splash with the home theater and integrated home market.  Installation is very easy with all parts included and the finished product will aesthetically please the most picky interior designer.  The mounts are available in 6 different colors – Black Metalline, Brushed German Silver, Florentine Black, Florentine Grey, Florentine Silver, Florentine Walnut and Matte Black.  The aluminum frames are 0.71” (19mm) in width. 

The iPower charging station is available exclusively from VidaBox and designed to handle the finicky charging needs of Apple’s iPads.


The Vidabox iPad Mounting Frame costs $159 and the iPower charger is an additional $399.  Not cheap by any means, but given the target audience will be comparing this solution to proprietary touch-screen devices and more complicated setup schemes, the Vidabox solution is competitive.

Uses for the Vidabox iPad Mount

The iPad Mounts were made with the custom integrator in mind to ensure a place for Vidabox’s own iPad-based vAutomation controls.  I asked others what different uses and/or Pad apps they might want on an iPad built in to a wall and here’s a short list of some great candidates:

  • HTPC: Windows MediaCenter, SageTV or XBMC remote control
  • Security Monitoring – checking to see who’s at the door
  • Audio Server Control such as Sonos & Pandora
  • Emerald Observatory 4 iPad
  • In some situations: Netflix, Hulu Plus, ABC, EyeTV, and Slingplayer
  • Photo slideshows
  • Weather apps
  • Home Automation: Creston, Control4, and many more



The Vidabox iPad Mounting Frame isn’t the product every iPad owner will jump out and purchase.  But for the professional installers, DIY-enthusiasts, and others looking to use their iPad for special built-in uses the Vidabox iPad mount is the perfect product.



Below is a video of the Vidabox vAutomation 2.0 platform that the company offers for iPad home automation control:


Read more about the Vidabox iPad solutions at their website