Thursday, January 20, 2011

XBMC makes the new AppleTV Awesome

Ben Drabaugh at Engadget tells us about a second generation AppleTV that showed up at Engadget with XBMC pre-installed on a jailbroken AppleTV.  The Engadget video below shows off what a non-crippled AppleTV can do with an awesome XBMC UI powering it.

Want to try this out on your lonely 2Gen AppleTV now?  Head over to for instructions.  XBMC working nicely on a little $99 “extender” sounds pretty good to me… how about you?  So you don’t have an AppleTV?  How about a Apple iPad or iPhone?  Yep, that works also as long as your iDevice is jailbroken according to this how-to on

I have to admit.  This really makes me want to jailbreak that iPad of mine…