Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy 2011 – I’m Back

I’ve been away from the blog thing for long enough I thought I’d take a moment to check in and provide a little status update.  First off, I’m still here but have been extremely busy with life including the holidays, long vacation, heavy work schedule demands.  Add to that a bit of burnout just before CES and well to be honest I was weighing my blogging life options.

After a fairly long, satisfying break I’ve decided to jump right back in and try to start back where I left off.  As longtime readers know I have times where I write often and many times where I’m just to darn busy to keep up with it all.  But long-term I’ll keep doing this GeekTonic gig because I like sharing with all of you.  My focus will continue to include SageTV and HTPC stuff but don’t be surprised if I just throw in a few other fun tech & media things that interest me.  Finally I want to say Happy 2011 and thanks for hanging in there with me!!

PS:  I’d love to have one or two bloggers join in on the fun and write an article on occasion.  Even if you already have your own blog this could be a great way to get experience and exposure.  And there just might be a nice perk or two thrown in also if you stick with me.

Stay tuned!