Thursday, April 28, 2011

New SageTV Beta 7.1.7 Bug Fix Edition


Another new SageTV public beta arrived today with a handful of bug fixes and some small updated features as well.

Updates in this one (7.1.7) include:

  • Fixed bug where information on which files are being progressively deleted did not retain itself properly after deletion of one of the files in the queue was done. This only manifested itself as a problem if SageTV was restarted while the queue was in that state.
  • Fixed a few erroneous system messages
  • Fixed bug when watching live TV and a show comes on that requires the parental control code; if the code is entered incorrectly it just repeatedly prompts you for the code.
  • Regression fix on the extender for breaking smooth ff/rew on extenders. (rew didn't work properly and ff would end up using the wrong timestamps for the seek when it stopped)
  • Fixed bug where very large images (test case was a 100Megapixel image) in a slideshow could cause memory errors on the server in some cases.
  • Bug fix for HDHR in Australia
  • Fixed GUIDs for DTS and DTS-MA audio formats.
  • Miscellaneous Linux Updates
  • New feature for Music Browser: can sort Album view by album title or album artist; can sort Folder view by filename or file date.
  • New feature Video Browser: can sort Folder view by filename or file date; can sort videos by title, title+date, date, or duration; can sort DVDs/BDs by title, title+date, or date.

There are many additional updates detailed at the SageTV Forums

Since I didn’t mention the last few beta versions here at GeekTonic I should note a few of the more important ones:

  • Channel Logos are now provided by SageTV and display on the guide and other menus
  • Guide data enhancements:
    • Season & Episode numbers
    • Improved detection of ‘unique’ airings
    • 2+levels of categories
    • additional flags for shows including Live, Dolby5.1, Letterbox, etc.
    • Images for movies in the guide data – basically fanart
    • Added support for Anysee E7 and E30 series tuners
    • Added support for DigitalNow Quad DVB-T


There were many more enhancements over the past few months so check all of them out at the SageTV forums