Sunday, June 05, 2011

Ceton InfiniTV4 Price Drops All Around

By: Clift

From Missing Remote, Ceton InfiniTV4 prices are dropping all across the web. The InfiniTV4 retailed just recently for $399. But now, the internal Multi-Stream CableCARD four tuner PCIe card can be found for around $250-$285. Here are the prices around:
  • eBay (seller bid$buy) - $282
  • Amazon (seller ANTOnline) - $265
  • - $285
  • Erwin Computers - $256

Now might not be a bad time if you're a Windows 7 Media Center user with Cable, or if you're a SageTV user with a cable provider that only flags premium channels with "copy once" or "copy never."