Thursday, June 16, 2011

SageTV 7.1 Release Candidate Arrives


While I was away, SageTV released another update to their SageTV HTPC software, SageTV V7.1.8 and just this week the 7.1.9 Release Candidate.

7.1.8 included several bug fixes and a few new features including:

  • New Security API for dealing with security profiles and permissions
  • Change the storage of title/episode information for imported Video, Picture, DVD and BluRay Content so the show title field now holds the actual title instead of the relative path plus title.


7.1.9 brings the first “release candidate” which means we are very close to 7.1 being released from beta. 

  • One significant update in this version is the option to edit the title, episode and description for imported videos.

Additional details of all updates and the download link can be found at the SageTV forums