Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Good Reads


Apple's TV Plans Reportedly On Hold Again as Wearables Take Priority – I just don’t see Apple doing “TV” in terms of programming.  Wearables certainly make more sense.

Smart Power Strip set to bring simple, cheap automation to the home (video) – A not-so-elegant, but pretty inexpensive entry to home automation

Every Presentation worth doing has just one purpose – Change.  I guess in a way this is true.  A nice second goal would be keeping the audience awake.

Gigabit Internet in Portland – Portland doesn’t need no stinkin’ Google Fiber… at least in some selected locations.

Why the Chromebook Pundits are Simply Out of Touch with Reality – Kevin Tofel calls those pundits out on their anti-chromebook talk.  His point is they are focusing on the wrong reasons to use a Chromebook.  Anyone out there use a chromebook?