Friday, November 08, 2013

Friday Good Reads

November is here and I still don’t have Google Fiber installed.  It’s getting closer though and I plan to update everyone on my experience so far sometime in the next several days.  In the meantime here’s what I’m reading:

XBox, Watch TV: Inside Microsoft’s Audacious Plan to Take over the Living Room – This one is a pretty long article in terms of blog posts, but it’s worth a read.  Somehow it seems very similar to a million other articles about XBox being the a TV box in disguise, but there is a lot of new detail in here for those interested.

Tablo and debut two new DVRs for cord cutters – A couple of promising DVR products focused on the OTA (over the air) tuner crowd.  I know a HTPC firm or so who considered going this route a while back and I wish they had done it.  There is definitely a need for a quality OTA DVR product.

Thoughts on the Google Nexus 7 from the perspective of a longtime iOS user – I’m one of those long-time iOS users and I plan to try out Android in the near future so I’m always interested in these sorts of perspectives.

Gogo Text & Talk lets you send texts and make calls in-flight, using your own phone number (hands-on)